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Well here it is !!

So for years I have wanted to start a blog, why? because I love reading blogs and thought I could write about my passion ...... Crafts, however, it may probably evolve, I know quite often blogs start with name, age, height, shoe size, favourite colour etc and I thought about that, but, for now I thought a limited Nicky Shaw would do , actually its Nicolette, there, I let something out of the bag.

I love crafting, I'm one of those people that have to have the whole set of whatever it is, new ink range out, I buy them all, new stamps , I buy the whole set etc etc, which of course leads to lots of unused "stuff", however, I'm making it my mission to use some of this stuff and cut down (a bit) from the buying.

Do I have a style? I am not sure, I cant really do the messy crafting, I love mixed media but I've noticed that I tend to line things up and match and contrast colours, being random I recently found out is not my bag, and my life experiences (jobs/lifestyle) indicate that too, I'm a bit of belt and braces girl.

One of the aims for my setting up this blog is to share my makes with like minded people, I will in the fullness of time (ooer get me) create videos and tutorials, however, the aim is to walk before I can run.

I will include an About Me section for those interested, but will keep this Hello and Welcome intro to a minimum.

Hopefully you can join me on my journey into blogging, and I can make it interesting enough for you to want to revisit this blog, I do promise that as soon as I have mastered this a bit more I will set up a regular schedule of postings.

Feel free to contact me.

Thanks for your time, have a fab day.

Nicky Shaw

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