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Hey there, I'm Back .........

Hello everyone,

It’s been quite a while, in fact almost 9

months, I started a new job in December and it has been manic since, even to the point of now being away from home for 3 days a week, however, I have been crafting when I can and even have gone down the route of adding Sublimation to my repertoire, but need to get myself filming again, I really enjoy the process, so, I will be adding a new recording once a fortnight of anything that I am working on, I am not on any DT’s at the moment and so that gives me time to do what I want

I am keen to hear if any of you would like me to demonstrate anything, I demonstrated for a couple of years for a craft company (it is in the bio part of this blog), and I enjoy doing it.

This was just a quick hello and look out for more from me.

As an addendum, I have created a you tube Video on3 ATC’s that I created for a swap using Crafty Individual stamps, CI 546, CI 116, CI 543

See the link below

Take care everyone


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