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How I got here

Hello to you,

Here is a potted history of how I got to this stage in my life where I decided to set up a website, I have crafted for many years and have the very common introduction whereas I would watch my mum sew our new clothes for our holidays or special occasions (I have a younger sister),  she also sewed for a living, so I guess it was inevitable that I would start sewing, I used to rush home from work in my late teens and create a top or trousers for going out the next night!, asking her what this meant in the pattern and how do you do that, I continued to make clothes for myself for quite a few years.

I can’t remember exactly how or when I got into papercrafting, I think it would have been seeing Dawn Bibby on QVC probably about 30 years ago, and I was hooked, I started slowly, I got commissions and that paid for my stash, my first Alphabet dies were Sizzix ones and a set of lowercase cost me £125, how times have changed.

Last year I  got the amazing opportunity to become a demonstrator for a well known craft company, demonstrating in stores around Kent and Essex at the weekend,  this is when I really decided that I wanted to take it a little further and set up a blog and share my makes with other likeminded people, I didn’t have anyone that I could discuss the ins and outs of setting up a website with and so  I have procrastinated over and over about what to write and what to do, but all along I wanted to film my makes, not necessarily as tutorials but just to share what I was doing, and also to share the anecdotes of life, my BBF once said to me that I should write a book on the goings on in my life apparently I can spin a good yarn ….. oh I’ve done that as well at college studying Interior Design.

Unfortunately, there has not been any demonstrating this year due to Covid19, and I’m not sure if it will resume next year, such a shame as the public were lovely, one lady even brought her lunch and sat with me from 10 am until 4pm, it made me chuckle as she got her flask and sandwiches out.

I now live in Kent, as many ex-Londoners do, have a husband and 3 grown up children, 2 adult stepchildren, 2 gorgeous grandchildren, a large ginger cat called Dobby and 11 goldfish.

Hopefully, you are not bored to distraction and you have actually made it this far.


Thanks for joining me on my journey.

See you soon


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