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It’s 2023 already,

Hello everyone,

It’s a bit late but Happy New Year, anyhoo, I’ve recently made a new video and its been uploaded to YouTube, the link is below,

I am fully aware that I said this last year but ……… work took over my life as I now work away from home for three days a week, and this of course has an impact on my crafting time However…. Yes that word, I have made a decision to film anything that I am making, and some times it may not be the most scintillating watch, but you can always switch off :-)

My aim is to use my stash and only buy “essentials” - ink,paper,card,glue etc- but of course I may fall foul of the odd enablers recommendation :-) , but in this ever increasingly expensive time its good to use what I have

I hope you like my first 2023 video and please leave feedback, tick the box and subscribe

Thank you for your time, and keep an eye out for my next video

Take care everyone


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