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Well Hello There


Hope you are all well and anticipating a change in our everyday lives soon, I know I am, I have worked from home for over a year and miss the interaction of working with my colleagues, it has been mooted that we will be back in the office in June, I am looking forward to it, although I am a bit nervous of travelling on trains and the underground in London.

I haven’t been able to get to my blog or YouTube channel recently, partly due to working full time and partly due to a creative block, also, I decided to change some of the way I store my craft items and this snowballed into a major makeover, I’m happy with the changes and am currently at the opening and closing of drawers and doors and wonder at the contents stage, however, it has left me a bit crafty blank! I wonder if it’s all the tidiness around me, finally, I should be finishing my floor to ceiling ,wall to wall bedroom curtains, which are currently dominating the dining room table, did I mention I live in a small Victorian 2 up 2 down cottage🥴

I am currently thinking through my next project and will get to it before Easter.

I feel I should finish with some soothing piped music and pictures of my cat… I will spare you.

Take care everyone, see you next week.


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