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Weekly Catch-Up

As you know this is a new venture and one of things I feel is important to me is being regular, in every sense of the word, of course , however, in this context in adding my reflections and creativity to this wonderous space, I was going to use the word meanderings, but a definition I found for that word was “talk that continues for a longer time than is necessary and is not interesting” and I definitely don’t want that, so, my aim to add something at least once a week ,Initially.

Please feel free to ask me to demonstrate a particular shape or type of card, or ask craft related questions, I am also on the mixed media journey which I love and this has many forms, I will be adding these to the videos and gallery too.

There you are no meandering but a short chat this week.

I will be uploading a video and photos of my latest make in the next couple of days, so watch this space.

Adios for now.


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