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Valentine Tiny Book and Case

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Tiny Valentine Book


Where did January go? answers on a postcard please………

I may have mentioned before that I have a full time job, I have been working from home since March last year, the reason I am mentioning this is because, can you actually believe that I am excited about doing a 4 day week from next week until April, ( oh and a week off in March 😊) as I have so much holiday to use up, we are in lockdown you say, how will taking leave be different? same house/4 walls etc, well, I use my craft room as my office and after working amongst all my stash all day ( and this working from home malarkey I seem to put in far more hours) I don’t feel inclined to sit in there in the evenings, so I have plans.... put the work laptop/phone etc away and I have my craft room back, but I have a dilemma, I may also have mentioned that I do many crafts and one that I have given a resurgence to is sewing, my dilemma is, do I use my leave days for sewing?, after all, I have half finished curtains, and and the lovely clothes patterns and fabric I have bought recently or continue my journey into mixed media crafts, decisions, decisions.

This week, I have been playing with an “I need” die set, 2 die sets in fact, they are from Sizzix and are scoreboard dies by Eileen Hull, I have made a Valentines inspired Tiny Book and Case, I am aware that not everyone will have these dies but thought it would give some inspiration to create something similar without dies. I will link to my video in YouTube, and would appreciate a thumbs up , and subscribe, I don't make any money but its nice to know that someone is interested in my posts, until next week then, keep safe everyone.

Nicky x


Eileen Hull dies: Tiny Book 664423

Tiny Book Case 664424

· Sizzix Mat Board 656492 or other thick board/ Greyboard etc

· · 2 x pieces card. 9” x 3”, score 2⅟4 “ 4⅟₂”, 63/4”

· 13 pieces of card to decorate, 2” x 23/4”

· Embellishments

Please see my Tutorial on how I made the Valentines Book and Case and at the end (after I have said goodbye) I have added a quick 2 minute video on how I made my background papers


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