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Sunny Sunday in February 2021

Hello Everyone,

It's a very sunny Sunday no snow or rain just nice and sunny here in Kent, as I said in my previous blog I have been uploading my photos of some my makes to my Pinterest account, I have been crafting for a very long time and there are literally hundreds, but initially, I thought I would add the more recent makes, I will carry on adding them over time and you can access them by clicking the button at the top of the page.

I have created a short video based on a Cubbey starter kit that I bought from Tando-Creatives, you know how it is, you desire the kit, you buy the kit, it sits in its packet for 6 months and then you open it up get gluing and hey presto its made, however, it has to be decorated, so the process continues, it sits un- painted for 2 months, but now it’s been given some colour and paint effect, the next stage – still to be attempted – is to make it into a full mixed media project….. watch this space, if you would like to see the process so far click my YouTube link above.

Tando- Creatives Cubbey as decorated by yours Truly

So that’s me for this week, I will be playing with my New Crafty Individual stamps this week – once I have stopped stroking them....literally, they are animal stamps .

Take Care everyone, until next time xx

Nicky x

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