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Hello again, second blog this week!

I have been thinking about my blog and my YouTube channel, as yet, I don’t have any subscribers to my channel and this is generally by choice, as, unless you tell like-minded people how will you get subscribers! however, I was thinking that perhaps in order to promote me and my makes that I should perhaps get my crafty making in some sort of order, I’m aware that as I have not promoted my Blog or Channel I am probably talking to myself – meanderings …lol (see a previous blog regarding that word!) , anyway, I have decided to get some order by concentrating on what I love and that is generally mixed media, I have the kit, paints, inks, substrates, dies etc but have been “avoiding “the urge to get messy, sooo, here goes, my next blog and video will be messy.

I need to bite the bullet and get myself out there, as I said, it’s not for monetary gain but to share my love of crafting, so I will get my Pinterest page up to date and start telling others, in the meantime I will add my many mixed media makes to my gallery, and requests for a tutorial on how I made them is welcome.

Take care, see you next week, or even sooner!

Nicky 😊

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